Router Brands Default IP Addresses

Did you know that you have more than one IP address? One is your own private IP address while the other is a public IP address. This knowledge comes in especially handy when you’re looking around for what is the IP address of my router.

Your priva te IP address

is broadcasted by your router and is shared with all devices connected to it.

Your public IP address

is provided to you by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and is available to everyone online. 

Why is it necessary to know the IP address of your Router?

Your IP address is similar to your email address. It is used to uniquely identify an operating device within local network or among networks. It is significant to remember your router’s IP address. 

  • o You need your router’s IP address to go to your control panel. or are mostly used LAN IP address.By typing these in your web browser’s address bar, and your control panel will be accessed. You also have to add your router’s username and password in the admin panel. 
  • o To configure your IoT, NAS devices and security camera, your IP address is essential. For this configuration, your static IP address is required which is done by your control panel of your router. 
  • o The last reason to remember your IP address is when you either want to reset your WiFi’s password or set up a VPN for your computer. IP is also used for troubleshooting your internet connection and checking your ping for games. 

How can you get your Routers IP address?

Following steps helps in finding your IP address:

Type cmd in the search bar and open command prompt and type “ipconfig” there. Your IP address is shown after your default gateway.

Open Command Prompt and type:

By following above steps you can easily find your IP address with any difficulty.

How can you hide your IP address?

It is impossible to keep your IP address secret but we can do it by using some Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), these are proxy servers that allows a user to access internet by hiding his IP address.

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