Router Brands Default IP Addresses

What is my Local IP Address?

Your local IP address is different from your external IP address. It is the address your device is associated with in your local network.

What Is An IP Address?

Every device has a distinctive identifier that is well-known as an IP address. Devices get identified by the IP address and it helps to communicate with all other devices with the help of the internet or the intranet. All devices such as mobile phones, computers, printers, and many similar ones can support the IP which is the Internet Protocol.

IPv4 and IPv6 Formats

IP address will have two kinds of formats i.e. IPv4 and IPv6. IPv4 is 32 bits in size. Both these are traditional IPs that have been used by many individuals from the very beginning of the internet. The other one i.e. the IPv6 is 128 bits in size. The IPv6 was introducing to fulfill the needs of a larger group of IPs as a great device need the IP.

Private vs. Public Address

You must always understand the difference between both the privet IP address and the Public IP address. The Private IP address is not possible to access via the internet and is used only in internal networks just like the IP of your desktop. Globally some IP ranges are fixed and they are used as private addresses. So what is the Public IP address? It’s an address which is very much accessible by all globally through the internet

Public IP addresses are accessible by the whole world through the internet. The simplest example of a public IP address can be an IP address of a website(s).

For example uses 2a00:1450:4006:801::200e as one of its public address. 

Local IP Address

A Local IP address is the identifier (IPv4 or IPv6) that is assigned to your laptop, PC, mobile and any other device within your local network. It is not visible to the outer world, but it is required in order to use the internet.

For example

Your router assigns an IP to your mobile phone, one IP to your PC, one IP to your printer or even camera.

This assignment of IP Addresses is mostly done by a protocol called DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). 

How Did We Find Your Local IP Address?

Early finding a Local IP address from the internet was really difficult but now with the help of some applications and protocols it has been really easy to locate the private IP address and WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) made is very convenient. 

What Is The Role Of A Local IP Address?

You have to understand some role of the Local IP address. The router in our home is assigned with a unique IP address and it is connected to all devices.

You have to understand your home router when a request comes and every router has an IP address which is assigned by the ISP i.e. Internet Service Provider.

Once the request is done the request reaches the Internet Service Provider(ISP) router which has another IP. It helps to interact with the internet through the Public IP. As soon as the website response back you have to understand that.

How will you understand the response?

The ISP router response back to the home router which is your router IP and then the home router has to provide the required information to your device which is based on your local IP address.

What Is NAT?

This idea of translating/mapping the IPs between private IP and public IP is commonly known as Network Address Translation(NAT). 

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