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Planex Default Login - Username, Password and IP Address

Default IP Address for Planex

Default logins for Planex

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Planex Router Login

Instructions for login Planex Router are as follow.

  1. Switch on your pc and connect the cable of the router. Otherwise use your internet wireless modem. Wireless connection is not recommended when you are connecting Planex router. As this may powered off when you are saving changes.

  2. Open your internet browser window and type the IP address of Planex router in the location bar. Your IP address is written on the backside of your router.

  3. Enter your username and your password in the task bar. In case if you don’t have username and password you can use default passwords for Planex routers.

Planex Routers Help/troubleshoot

If you are unable to log in, it may be you are typing an incorrect password and username. If you change your username and password kindly save it in your mobile as a note.

  • If you forget your password try to reset your login in router. For this purpose, you have to press the black button present at the back of your Router and hold it for 10 sec. This will restore your setting.
  • If your page of router is not loading for login. Check your internet device whether it is connected or not. Also check to make sure the IP address is correct.
  • There is also a chance that the page is not loading properly or may be internet is slow. It is because your internet connection is using a different IP address. If this may happen, check list of our IP address router and write the right IP address. If you want any help, go to YouTube and check out our tutorial on how to find your router's IP address.
Router Models using Planex

PlanexBLW-04SAG BLW-04SAG -
PlanexBLW-54CW3 BLW-54CW3 admin / 0
PlanexBLW-54SAG BLW-54SAG -
PlanexBRC-W108G BRC-W108G -
PlanexBRL-04CW-U BRL-04CW-U admin / password
PlanexBRL-04UR BRL-04UR admin / 0
PlanexCQW-MR200 CQW-MR200 admin / password
PlanexMZK-300N2 MZK-300N2 admin / password
PlanexMZK-MR150 MZK-MR150 admin / password
PlanexMZK-RP150N MZK-RP150N admin / password
PlanexMZK-W04N MZK-W04N Admin / 0
PlanexMZK-W04NU MZK-W04NU admin / password
PlanexMZK-W300NH MZK-W300NH admin / password
PlanexMZK-WG300FF14 MZK-WG300FF14 admin / password