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Comtrend Router Login

Are you facing any issue with the Comtrend Router or having any trouble with it? In any way you wish to improve the security of the network or change the setting of the configuration? Then you need to follow below and then it will help you to access your admin panel of the Comtrend Router more easily. Step-by-step follow below step:

  • The computer or the laptop must be enabled with Wi-Fi or the Ethernet pot.
  • You must have the Comtrend Router
  • You must install an internet browser on your device.

If you’re having other problem related to the Comtrend Router then follows the factory setting below.

Comtrend Login Steps

  1. The Comtrend Router must have a connection

    It is very important to have the Router Comtrend connected to your device. In this case you can use the computer or the laptop Wi-Fi network and look for network availability. You will need the network password in order to connect to the Wi-Fi. Apart from that you also can use the Ethernet cable. You need to plug that in your device with the “out” slot of the router. Network password is not at all important while connecting the device with the Comtrend Router.

  2. Use the Browser to navigate to IP

    After you connect the device with the router with the Wi-Fi or the Ethernet cable then you have to launch the web browser on the computer. Some of them are Firefox, Chrome, Opera and many more. To set the setup pages you have to navigate the IP address of the router. The is the default IP address for the Comtrend Router. You have to type in the address bar of the browser and then this will take you to the login page. You can also set up the Router’s IP address by using the “ipconfig” command. Lastly you will get to see a login popup box in the web browser.

    In any case you can’t access then you might have problem with the router or configuration of the non-standard router. You can also call the support team of the Comtrend Router and reset the router.

  3. Default Login can help to access

    Once you understand the login credential and you change it then you can easily type them into the login page of the router. Behind the router you will get to find the username and the password which are printed beside the model information and the barcode.

    In any case you don’t know the username and the password then try default Comtrend login.

    Username: admin

    Password: admin

    If it does not work then you can try some combination. Like -

    • Usernames: admin, root.
    • Passwords: admin, root, 1234, 12345.

    Lastly if nothing work then reset the router with the help of the factory configuration.

  4. Configure your Comtrend Router Setting properly.

    Once you’re into the setup page of the Comtrend router then you have to be careful with the setting that you change. This will directly affect the operation of the router. You can also secure your router by changing the admin login. There are other things you can change. Like:

    • hange the name and password of the WiFi network.
    • Your router to can spread up to 2.4 or 5 GHz network band
    • You can change the WPS security

    Under the title “Diagnostics” you can change troubleshoot or check the diagnostic. You will find it in the menu section at the left hand corner. Before creating any change you can note down the changing process so that if anything goes wrong you can get back to the original version again.

    Lastly if something goes very wrong then you can always try connecting the Comtrend Support team. You can always the details what you need which will be written behind the router.

Reset Your Comtrend Router to Default Factory Settings

  1. You must look for the small reset button which will be behind the router on the right side.

  2. You can use sharp object to press the reset button then hold on till 0 seconds. It will help you to resetting the router.

  3. Notice the blinking light in the front of the router while resetting it. You need to wait for the blinking light to stop. It’s a sign that the reset is completed.

  4. Once the router is turned off and then on then you will realize then you will have a new configuration now.

Now that your router is reset to factory settings, you can try the default login credentials again.

Router Models using Comtrend

ComtrendAR-5389 AR-5389 root / 12345
ComtrendCT-536+ CT-536+ admin / admin
ComtrendCT-5361 CT-5361 -
ComtrendCT-5364A CT-5364A root / 12345
ComtrendCT-6373 CT-6373 root / 12345
ComtrendNexusLink 3111u NexusLink 3111u root / 12345
ComtrendNexusLink 3240u NexusLink 3240u -
ComtrendVG-8050 VG-8050 -
ComtrendVR-3031u VR-3031u root / 12345
ComtrendWR-5887 WR-5887 admin / admin
ComtrendWR-5931 WR-5931 -