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Arris Router Login

Are you suffering from a slower connection?

You can fix a slow net at home by yourself by following simple steps. Resetting your modem helps in enhancing the performance of the internet.

Or do you want to change your Arris router password to help establish a secure network?

For enhancing the performance of internet or to secure your router, accessing the Arris Login Gateaway is essential.

We have compiled a few ways through which this can be done:


  • An Arris router or modem
  • Ethernet connection/ internet connection.
  • A thinly tipped tool like a saftery-pin or paperclip(for pressing the reset button)

That’s all you need to change the router settings. The process itself is quite simple and straightforward. 

Arris Login Steps

  1. Connect To The Arris Network

    It is important to know that while accessing the login page you don’t have to have an active internet. All you have to do is insert the Ethernet cable. However, if you have to connect to a mobile/tablet, you can use an active wireless connection.

    An Ethernet cable will help you get through if you don’t have a password to your Wi-Fi. If you are using a Wi-Fi connection, find the SSID(Network name) and Password located on the bottom/side/front of the router.

  2. Navigate To Your Router IP

    Launch your favourite browser and enter the IP address in the search bar. Every router has a unique IP address, however the most common one is or Or you simply copy the following links to the address bar: or

  3. Enter The Default Login Information

    The username and password of your Arris Router is located under the router or at the sides. We have compiled a list of default username or password under, should you not find your original username or password.

    After hitting the Enter button you will reach the Arris Login Process and further reach the control panel.

How to Reset Arris Routers

Resetting the Arris Router will put it into its factory setting, which means that old password and usernames that you changed it to will not work. There are two approaches for this:

Using the Reset Button

for this step, all you have to do is locate the Reset Button on the side or back of the model. Hold this button for 15 seconds( you might want to use the pen/ paper clip we listed above).This process will simply reset the router to its factory settings.

Using the Web Interface

This is a simple but complex way to reset the router.

  1. Use the IP address of your model to enter the Arris Router
  2. Find the interface named Utilities.
  3. Click on the factory reset option to reset the Arris Router.

Configuring Your Arris Router

As soon as you have access to the Admin interface you can make changes from the settings. When you are putting the router to factory setting make sure the internet doesn’t break.

What if the router stops working when you modify the settings?

In case of any mishap, just use the two resetting techniques we have listed above to rest the router again.


Factory resetting your router will help increase the speed of the internet. The control panel is the only way to do so. For the usernames and passwords you can use the list we have provided in case you don’t find the one written on your router.

Router Models using Arris

ArrisBGW210-700 BGW210-700 -
ArrisDG3450 DG3450 admin / password
ArrisDG860P2 DG860P2 admin / password
ArrisDG950A DG950A admin / password
ArrisMG2402G/CT MG2402G/CT -
ArrisNVG448B NVG448B -
ArrisNVG448BQ NVG448BQ -
ArrisNVG589 NVG589 -
ArrisNVG595 NVG595 -
ArrisNVG599 NVG599 -
ArrisRAC2V1A RAC2V1A -
ArrisSBG10 SBG10 admin / password
ArrisSBG6400 SBG6400 -
ArrisSBG6700-AC SBG6700-AC admin / password
ArrisSBG6900-AC SBG6900-AC admin / password
ArrisSBG6950-AC2 SBG6950-AC2 -
ArrisSBG7400-AC2 SBG7400-AC2 -
ArrisSBG7580-AC SBG7580-AC -
ArrisSBG8300 SBG8300 admin / password
ArrisSBR-AC1750 SBR-AC1750 -
ArrisSBR-AC1900P SBR-AC1900P admin / password
ArrisSBR-AC3200P SBR-AC3200P admin / password
ArrisSURFboard W31 SURFboard W31 -
ArrisTG1672G TG1672G admin / password
ArrisTG1682G TG1682G admin / password
ArrisTG3442 TG3442 -
ArrisTG3452 TG3452 -
ArrisTG3462 TG3462 -
ArrisTG3482ER TG3482ER -
ArrisTG3482P2 TG3482P2 -
ArrisTG862G TG862G -
ArrisTG9442 TG9442 -
ArrisTM522G TM522G -